We help individuals and teams have difficult conversations.

What is HardTalk™?

Building on research conducted worldwide, the HardTalk™ model incorporates new thinking to help focus on what it takes to be successful in the Middle East and beyond. This certified programme is designed to help individuals and teams have difficult conversations.

HardTalk™ answers the big questions like:

  • How do I manage a boss who insists on micro-managing me?
  • What can I do about a direct report who doesn’t show me respect?
  • How do I tell our new hire that although they worked hard, the presentation isn’t good enough?
  • How do I tell my boss that the report they promised their boss isn’t going to be ready on time?
  • How do I let a high performer know that they are not getting the promotion he wants?
  • What do I say to a valued colleague who has personal hygiene issues?
  • How do I tell a long standing supplier that we’re cutting back orders by 50% when I know this will be devastating?
  • How do I confront a bully on my team?
“I look for two things in a programme. The first is something practical I can take away and use to good effect in my business. And the second is a facilitator whose depth of knowledge and experience means they can answer my questions. HardTalk delivered both” 
Amanda Line

(Professional Services)

“The research the programme is based on is very interesting and I love being able to read the original articles on the HardTalk Community page”


Astrid Ellis


What problems does HardTalk™ address?

From the boardroom to the front line, results depend on whether difficult conversations are handled well or handled poorly. Our jobs are more and more about working effectively with others on complicated tasks where individuals and groups often have differing priorities and interests.

When people don’t speak up and say what they really think, results suffer; small problems get bigger; decisions are made without all of the necessary information and implementation is patchy.

However, when people speak up too aggressively, results also suffer. According to research, verbal aggression tends to impair victims’ working memory, reducing their ability to understand instructions and perform basic or more complex tasks.

What are the results if we get HardTalk™ right?

  • Increased productivity: By making sure that people feel heard, we can improve engagement and so retention and productivity
  •  Increased creativity and problem solving: Many more solutions will arise as every individual shares their way of thinking; operating; solving problems and decision making
  • Increased retention: Attract and retain talent that adds a competitive edge to any organisation. Leaders who can ensure their people feel included and appreciated, will see increased loyalty and a feeling of belonging
  • Increased synergy: By giving them a shared language and approach to communicating, teams will be better able to cooperate and execute agreed strategies
  • Increased accountability: Help to create a culture where honest feedback happens and performance issues are addressed early and honestly