We take it personally.

We don’t have a business development person – you talk to the people who will be doing the work within 24 hours. That’s pretty personal.

Everything we do is tailored to you. We don’t have a prescribed approach. We listen, ask questions, propose solutions, agree on a course of action, work hard and deliver what we say we will. We’ve all worked all over the world for stretches so we get the multicultural, remote yet constantly connected world you live in.

The more we get to know you, the more we can be of value. That is why we nurture long-term relationships and our client list reflects that. We know all about moving out of the comfort zone and how uncomfortable it is. We help make those changes happen.  The work we do crosses all industries with multinational and regional firms, from healthcare, financial services, process engineering to FMCG and shipping, alongside semi-governmental and government agencies.

We’re proud of our amazing clients, who are huge names in important industries. We like connecting them, and we’re appreciative when they introduce us to others. We are also preferred supplier to London Business School and are proud to be part of their Exec. MBA programme.

Our fee structure is simple – you pay only for the time we’re in front of you. We take care of all preparation and if you aren’t happy you’re welcome to your money back. We’re confident but not arrogant. Sometimes we mess up – If we do, we admit it and do what we can to put it right.

We are professional but not stuffy. We will hang out with you over lunch/dinner/drinks and we’re always up for a chat. We don’t just stay in touch when we’re working with you, Our working relationships evolve into friendships. We don’t hide behind buzzwords or jargon – we say what we mean and that means we’re not for everyone. We are diplomatic but we won’t tell you that your idea is a good one if we think it isn’t.