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Of course transformation will mean different things to different organisations, both in terms of scale and desired outcomes, but wherever you are in your transformational journey, we take on the role of objective advisor. We can be as light or as heavy in our touch as needed, but our job is to ensure your organisation is on the right path and help you identify and meet FAST (Frequently discussed, Ambitious, Specific, Transparent) objectives.

Coaching is used in the most successful global institutions and is an interactive partnership that helps individuals get better in their role and adapt to various change. Our diverse team of coaches offer different specialisms and skillsets, and we carefully match the coach and coachee based on the objectives of the coaching assignment, as well as the chemistry between the two. We typically work with mid to senior level executives across the region.  



We have exclusive distribution in the Middle East of an online platform that matches mentors and mentees using an established algorithm and monitors their progress over time. This removes a lot of the “drudgery” that often compromises the success of such programmes – an admin-heavy, time-consuming process, that can’t always guarantee results. We can also provide support to your HR department so they can manage this internally.

Whether you’re a student, entering your career, job-seeking or embarking on a career change, it’s a step in a journey. We help you map your skills, define your added value and values and communicate your professional positioning to prospective employers. We are not here to rewrite your CV, but instead our certified coaches will help you find clarity and prepare for the change you want to see. Even among the most experienced, it can be overwhelming to navigate the murky waters when job hunting or contemplating what’s next in your journey – it doesn’t have to be. We also work directly with organisations going through transition or succession planning, who want to support employees as part of a successful off boarding process, through further career support and counsel. 

Career Counselling


We know a lot about how to make training work and what needs to be in place for it to “stick” so that organisations see real behavioural and cultural change. We work with you to understand the training objectives and deliver custom-built programmes (with the option to certify), as well as our certified HardTalk™ and YouMap® programmes, available across the region and beyond. We always recommend an audit process before any training is agreed on, to ensure you’re giving the right people, the right skills, at the right time.

Our Programmes



Nothing changes without a conversation.  

Nothing changes without a conversation, and yet despite caring about making good, implementable workplace decisions, many people still don’t speak up – in fact, 70 percent of people when faced with conflict choose to ignore it. HardTalk is a fully blended, customisable, certified, modular programme which explores the reasons behind the way we behave when communicating and demonstrates how to resolve conflict and effect change – even in the most diverse organisations
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Workplace Readiness Programme

Preparing our future leaders

The Workplace Readiness Programme bridges the gap between high school students and the world of work, giving them a head start in developing the right skills and embedding the behaviours that are expected from them in the fields of work, study and life in general, as a young adult. 
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